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ButtonBash Gaming Optics


ButtonBash Gaming Optics protect your eyes from those long gaming sessions. They feature Amber lenses to block harmful blue light from damaging your eyes. Crafted with the finest acetate cellulose they provide a strong and sturdy frame. Coming in multiple designs we’re sure you will find a pair to suit your style.

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Product Description

ButtonBash Gaming Optics are specifically designed for gamers who take their gaming seriously. Get the competitive edge on the enemy with these optical gaming glasses.

Scientifically crafted to reduce eye strain and itchy eyes after long bouts of intense gaming. Always have the advantage over your opponents by being able to play longer and harder without your eyes hurting.

They come in various designs to suit every gamers style. On top of that, every ButtonBash Optics comes with a nylon case and glasses wipe to keep your optics clean.

Key Features

  • Amber lenses to block harmful blue light
  • High quality acetate cellulose frame
  • Comfortable shape and lightweight
  • Unisex –  Suitable for all

*Please note some variation might occur in product image and actual finished product.

Additional Information

Glasses Design

Black2Ice, Electric Marble, Ice White, Matte Black


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