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Skull & Co FPS Master Grips – Xbox One


The FPS Master grips are what every gamer needs. Crafted scientifically to improve the accuracy and control of your analog sticks. Not only that, they feature an engraved skull to give you that extra grip you need to clutch more games. They come available in 4 different color’s to suit everyone’s style.

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Product Description

The FPS Master Grips provide gamers more accurate control by increasing the analog stick height by 9.5mm and adding 56% in active movement radius. This gives you 56% extra room for refined control and aiming at your target. It also drastically reduces your over-steer.

9.5mm is added to the height of your analog sticks. 100’s of people where studied in controlled tests to determine the optimal analog stick height. 9.5mm was found to be the optimal height for control and comfort.

Product Specifications

  • Compatibility: Xbox One
  • Colors: Green, White and Black
  • Material: Silicone

Additional Information


Black, Green, White


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